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The Titan Mutual Lending Inc. Fast Track Program – Get Funded Quickly

There are a lot of mortgage programs out there these days for people to review, but there aren’t many that are specifically designed to help borrowers close on their loans quickly.

That leaves a lot of would-be buyers and refinancers in an unfortunate position, as waiting weeks for a loan to close can make all the difference between completing a purchase or a needed refinance and not having it happen. In today’s market, mortgage programs need to be geared towards helping the borrower secure the funding they need and deserve.

Titan Mutual Lending Inc. has such a program, and that’s because we understand that when buying or refinancing a home, every day counts. Our Fast Track Program is one that accomplishes that, as those who qualify for it can see their loans close in as little as 10 days. That provides borrowers with the security and peace of mind they need to move forward with the knowledge that the funds they need will be there when it’s time to put the proverbial pen to paper.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that our Fast Track Program is one of those “cookie-cutter” mortgage programs where everyone is getting the same specific loan. Titan Mutual Lending Inc. still makes sure that we review all of the available options for our borrowers, as that’s what mortgage services are supposed to do for the people they help. When you work with us, we’ll take a look at your personal situation, recommend the right loan based on all of our mortgage programs available and help you make the right decision. When that decision is made, those who are part of the Fast Track Program will get their money quickly and move forward.

Contact one of our bankers today to find out if you qualify for the Titan Mutual Lending Inc. Fast Track Program.

You may qualify to close your loan in 10 days. Contact us today!

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