Titan February Fundings Record

Titan is proud to present a major achievement and milestone for us in the industry.

Since its inception just under two years ago, Titan Mutual Lending had continued to grow and flourish within the Mortgage industry, last month reaching $130,200,000+ funded and helping 398 families obtain better mortgages nationwide. We could never have achieved this without our amazing leadership and all of the hard work and support from all of our great employees and workers. Titan has grown to house over 250 employees. This year alone we’ve taken on 75 new employees and we’re continuing to add exceptional talent and leadership to the company.

We want to thank you all for your support and trust over the past two years. Titan Mutual Lending is excited about our role in the marketplace as we will continue to lead and be a driving force in the mortgage industry.

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John has been a Top 3 Nationally Ranked Banker for almost a decade. His experience provided him extensive insight into how best to create an employee-centric environment at Titan Mutual Lending. His work as Founding Partner and CEO will guide Titan to be a leader in the industry, known for compassionate care of its customers. Originally from Connecticut, he currently resides in Arizona, where he has dedicated himself to helping others. John built his path of dedication through both volunteer and Emergency Medicine work.

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