Foreign National Program

Qualify for a home loan without a Social Security Number, Green Card or a Visa.

Non-Resident Alien:
  • Borrower is not required to have a Green Card, SS# or Visa.
  • If the income, credit and asset documentation is in a foreign language, it must be translated by a certified translator. The bank requires the translator’s certificate, as well as each translated page to be stamped by the translator.
  • Note: All U.S. Embassies provide translation services.
  • Include a business card or letterhead of the translator, tax preparer and/or CPA so the bank may contact them if needed.
  • Power of Attorney is not permitted.
  • For purchases and no cash out refinances without an ITIN, the bank requires a letter from the borrower stating they do not have an ITIN number, as they have no desire to file US taxes.
  • Borrowers seeking cash out refinances over $100,000 and purchases on investment must have an ITIN number or proof they have applied for one.
  • No FICO required.
  • Borrowers may provide alternative credit qualifications with four credit references from country of origin. Must be on company letterhead and show a rating for minimum of 12 months.
  • International credit reports are acceptable to prove credit worthiness, such as

  • Borrowers must show proof of properties owned free and clear in another country, along with proof of insurance and HOA if applicable. If there is a loan on the property, the bank requires a copy of the mortgage statement.
Additional Documentation for Gift/Donors:
  • Copy of donor’s ID
  • Donor’s place of employment
  • Copy of bank statement